Working for My Boss’ Wife

I spent this afternoon helping out with a move, although it was not really all that big of a deal. My boss’ wife has a niece and she has just bought a unit in one of the buildings of the Parc Life EC or executive condo buildings. There are about four of them with 15 or 16 floors in each of them. Unfortunately for me the girl was moving into the 13th floor of this building and we really did not have the sort of gear that would have made the move very efficient. If we had a cart the entire thing could have been done in about an hour. Obviously that does not help you with the biggest items, but there was not really all that much to move. She had a sofa and a few chairs, and a kitchen table. However the girl was going to buy new things and the furniture store was going to deliver that stuff.

Of course if you had the stuff you needed then we could have been done in relatively little time, but instead we had to pile up things in front of the elevator. Then we would load the elevator up and unload it on the right floor. The girl had to sit there with the stuff to make sure none of the worker took it, which they may have done by accident. Some of them were doing the same thing that we were doing, apparently moving the stuff that you need to do drywall work. They were doing the stuff that you do when you finish the walls to make them look right and like us they were taking boxes up the elevator and trying to make as few trips as they could make. It took us almost three hours to do it.