Watch out for Falling Branches

I wish a lot of people would get their trees taken care of, it can be very dangerous to go and let your trees have branches that dangle or get caught with other branches. The tree pruning in Nassau County does a great job of making sure that the trees are taken care of. I know that many people in the county use a tree service to come to our homes every year to maintain what we have. I am very passionate about this because I was driving last night and I was just coming home from the grocery store, then it happened. I was driving and taking my time, enjoying the music on the radio and a huge tree limb came down and hit my car. You could tell that the branch that fell was really old and it just had fallen due to the wind that was roaring over the tree tops.

My insurance company told me that they were going to have to total out my car. This meant that I was going to get a check for the value of my car and I was going to have to go and get a new one. I was not happy with this as I loved my car very much and I did not have money to go and get a new one. My family decided that we were going to have to go and find a car that suited my needs and did all the things I wanted it to do, by way of options. I like having a sunroof and I think that it is a must in a new car for me. It makes me really happy to be able to open up the sunroof and feel the air in the car. I think that it helps my mood a lot.