The House is About Ready for the Market

All of the insanity in this world pretty much seems to have been a pretty fair deal for me and Jeannie, or at least we have somehow managed to unload her grandmother’s lake house in record time and at a far higher price than even what we asked. I would have loved to have kept the place except that it is a six hour drive from where we live. The place was in far better shape than we hoped it would be, the only real problem was finding sewer cleaning in Hudson county. From what we could gather somehow had went in the house for some reason, apparently some rather well behaved teenaged delinquents. It was probably not long before we showed up, the place really reeked of some potent marijuana and there was a bunch of beer bottles and cans in the trash, along with a couple of bottles of Bacardi 151 proof rum, about enough to make a batch of that stuff we used to make when I was a teenaged delinquent. From what it appears they had a party, then they cleaned up and the only problem was they clogged up the drains.

I actually caught some fish every time I tried. The fellow next door showed me this spot where it seems that there was a bunch of submerged stumps. That was what we ate one night, although I was sort of a mess at cleaning fish since it had been about 15 years since I have done it. The place was just about perfect for a summer vacation and right now I could probably work from there much of the time. At any rate there was a bidding war almost as soon as we got the place ready to show. In the end we shall probably get 30% more than we asked.