The Class Gets More Difficult Each Day

This semester of my computer science course has been pretty difficult. It’s only half way over, and I just had a midterm exam that was pretty hard, but I was able to complete it. Our teacher has been giving us a lot of hard assignments, and I’ve had to go to to help me get through them all. It’s not just that the assignments are hard, but the teacher wants us to do them in a specific way, using only things that have been gone over in the class. I have seen a couple of assignments where I knew of a solution, but couldn’t use it because it wasn’t what the teacher wanted.

The last assignment we had before the midterm was a pretty tricky one. The professor was going over some information about loops and thought the assignment would be a good time to assess what we’ve learned. He wanted us to write a program that would somehow print an image of an alien space ship using nothing but stars. I came up with some ideas on how to print the image, but when I implemented them, I ended up with nothing but a garbled mess, so I turned to the website for help.

The website showed me how to make a viable solution for the alien ship programming problem, and my teacher was pleased to see that I was able to do it. Other people in the class weren’t so lucky, so the teacher asked me if I could help the other students without directly giving them the answer. I had to use subtle hints so that they would still be able to figure out the solution without me telling them the whole thing. Eventually, they figured out the answer as well and we were all able to relax until the midterm.