Six tips for dressing for the races

For special occasions, it’s always difficult knowing how to dress. An event such as the races could prove most challenging thanks to strict and traditional dress codes. You want to feel elegant but comfortable, and ideally buy something you can wear more than once. You may want to go bold and stand out from the crowd or perhaps you want a more chic look.

According to Chronicle Live, approximately 152,000 spectators visited the Grand National this year, which means plenty of inspirational outfits for all you race goers. With our top six tips, you should be well on your way to dressing stylishly for the races.

Study your racecourse

This will give you a good idea of where to start when choosing what to wear.

High heels or flats?

It is best to avoid high heels as you will spend most of the day on your feet and you don’t want to be that girl with bare feet, stumbling home. You could wear flat shoes, but the most attractive option might be wedges or espadrilles.

What is the best colour to wear?

You could experiment with bright and bold or opt for something more neutral. Try on some colourful maxi dresses or a pastel coloured cocktail number. It’s best to wear what you feel amazing in!

Plain or patterned?

It all depends on how you feel donning a bold pattern or whether you prefer an understated look. Shorter numbers might be suited to a bold or delicate flower print and maxi dresses may look best plain. Polkas dots and simple stripes can give a classic look to any length.

Long or short?

Again, dress in what you feel comfortable in as you will be wearing it for most of the day (and possibly well into the evening too!). Wearing something long could cover all bases in terms of comfort, elegance and keeping warm or cool. There is lots of flexibility and various styles for the longer dress as seen here, for example: AX Paris maxi dresses.

What about hair accessories?

Certain races require a hat or a headpiece. However, if there is no prerequisite, you have the choice of bows, headbands, clips and more. If your outfit is quite daring, perhaps choose simpler accessories and the opposite if your chosen garment is more of a classic item.