My Neighbor Lost All of His Plum Trees Due to Some Kind of Blight

A few years ago I saw some signs of disease starting to affect my neighbor’s plum trees he had in his yard. I told him that he should contact this Suffolk County tree service that I use to help keep the trees in good health. There are so many fungal and other infections and infestations that can affect trees. He had a dozen plum trees that produced fantastic plums. They were delicious. He lost every single tree trying home remedies and different treatments he saw on the Internet. Certified arborists can help keep your trees healthy.

Fruit trees go through a lot of stresses to produce a bountiful crop of fruit each season. They need to be properly pruned, have the right type of soil amendments and fertilizers and get enough water and sun. The trees put in a massive amount of work that we never see in order to produce fruit. Giving them what they need and treating pests and infections will keep them healthy and producing fruit indefinitely. Ignoring the signs of disease or pest infestation can cause trees to stop fruiting or can actually kill them.

My neighbor’s plum trees turned gray and dried up. They even stopped producing leaves. The branches started to fall, so he then called the Suffolk County tree service to just come and cut them all down. I do not know what type of problem the trees had. Maybe a fungal infection. I do not know as I am not that familiar with the problems plum trees can have. All I know is that we no longer have those fresh plums to enjoy, and there is no harvest to make into plum jelly. It is sad when such a well-established set of fruit trees all died due to some sort of infection that could have been prevented or cured.