Is Personalisation the Motor Trade’s Future?

Personalisation is becoming more prevalent in many industries, and it is being seen as a potent force in the area of the online motor trade. Good results are being experienced where the needs and desires of the customer are rapidly addressed.

The Data Advantage
Innovations in technology mean that retailers know more about their customers with the help of big data. To understand more about big data and what it can do, it might be helpful to read this piece in The Guardian.

For retailers, having big data at their disposal means that bespoke online experiences can be created and products can be tailored to specific desires. Technology can be used to identify what customers are likely to want or is relevant to their lifestyle and present these options at opportune moments.

Anticipating Customer Preferences
Using data to give customers curated choices is already being seen in online retail spaces suchas Amazon. A customer browsing Amazon may type in a generic product name and be presented with a wide array of choices, but using data to anticipate what they may need meansthat their top picks are aligned with what the retailer knows of the customer’s preferences.

By using data, online car retailers can predict what vehicles may be of interest to their clients, what colours they may like and the kind of budget range that is appropriate. In this way, choices that align with the kind of factors likely to shape the ultimate purchase can be presented. This kind of filtering process can save a lot of time, and a focused range of choices is seen to help customers and drive up sales. When it comes to motor trade insurance a similar effect may be experienced. Tailoring choices that represent good value can be matched with a customer’s circumstances for greater relevance. If finding the best deals going in motor trade insurance
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The retail arena is becoming more competitive. As people become busier, they appreciate being shown options that are relevant to them, and they appreciate not having to waste time sifting through choices of no interest. This information can be useful when considering how to make online motor retailing more efficient and effective.