How to choose a radiator for your bathroom

When planning a new bathroom, the simple three-piece suite will no longer suffice.

Consumers have so much choice when considering a bathroom makeover, with walk-in showers, stunning bowl-style sinks and elegant designer tubs, not to mention the vast selection of furniture to complement the look. Once you have chosen the décor, picked your favourite taps and added mood lighting, there’s another bathroom essential that must not be overlooked: how will you heat the room?

Before you think about radiator style, first consider the size of the room and whether it’s insulated and double glazed. It’s important that there is enough output from your radiator to heat your room to the desired temperature.

Whether your style is fashionable or traditional, there are so many styles that will help you make your bathroom aesthetic pop. From cast iron radiators to heated towel rails, let’s look at what’s on offer and make sure you pick out the most suitable bathroom radiator for your needs.

Column radiators
Column radiators offer an on-trend aesthetic and are a stylish alternative to the more traditional radiator; Visit Apollo for a selection of column radiators
You can also choose between horizontal or vertical styles. This choice of radiator has a large surface area and therefore has a higher heat output for those who like to step out of the shower into a nice,warm room.

Heated towel rails
Bathroom towel rails are a perfect solution for those with a smaller room to heat. In addition to heating the room, they double up as a place to dry wet towels.
Trench heating
Many people are opting for glazed walls and large wet rooms. Trench heating is a good solution for rooms with limited wall space as the casing is sunk into the floor with only the grille on display.
If it’s high output and low energy that you’re looking for, energy efficient radiators may be an effective option. Ground source heat pumps extract heat from the ground that can be used to heat radiators. You can find out more at

Manufacturers have come a long way since the days of plain white panelled radiators. In addition to the many different styles on offer, you now have a choice of steel, aluminium,cast iron and brass, along with a huge selection of colours.