Finding the Luxury Home That Was Perfect for Us at Cherry Creek Colorado

You can get all kinds of different apartments just like you can get all kinds of different homes. We were looking at some luxury Cherry Creek real estate properties. We were deciding on whether we wanted a home, condo or luxury apartment suite. We both have worked for decades building a business we started before we even got married. Now we were in a position to upgrade our style of living to what we have always wanted. We were selling a home we had renovated and moving into a luxury property at Cherry Creek.

This area is right there in the Denver Metro area. You can find urban design as well as streets with trees and homes that have been there for along time. I like these kind of transitional areas of the old and new. We both like living in an urban setting, but we do like trees, parks and other nice spaces outdoors. We found a nice penthouse apartment that suited our needs quite well. We are fans of steel and glass with touches of nice hardwoods elegantly put together into a fine structure. We did want a huge master bath as well as four bedrooms. We have grandchildren and children who will be regular guests throughout the year and at holidays.

Our kitchen had to have gourmet styling with commercial style appliances. My wife and I like to prepare gourmet meals, and we would never consider cooking on an electric range. The success of the dinner parties we do have relies on an expertly crafted meal that makes our guests wanting to come back for more. We found a nice Cherry Creek real estate agent who found the ideal place we had been searching for. We have been comfortable from the first day of moving in. It was easy to pick this place as it has so much to offer.