Expert Air Conditioning Installations in NYC and NJ

Air Repair offers Air Conditioning Installations in Brooklyn, as well as other areas in the NYC and NJ area. Having over 60 years of experience in the NYC Tri-State area, they are licensed, bonded, and insured, so as to handle the largest to the smallest jobs, as well as the experience to install almost any type of commercial air conditioning installation in Brooklyn or any other areas listed

The most important concern for handling air conditioning installation is to make sure that the system chosen can effectively regulate the indoor climate with ease. Also higly recommended is preventative maintenance to insure monetary savings. Rooftop Air-Conditioning Units are vastly used withing the Tri-State area. Commercial properties that require larger spaces, such as office buildings, need the flexibility to heat or cool air for a larger square footage. Also, having the unit on the roof means that it is hidden from sight, improving the over-all aesthetics of the property for customers and employees, as well as the ability for our technicians to work on the unit outside–thereby minimalizing any of the day-to-day operation.

Since Centralized Systems cool multiple spaces within a property from a singular location, they provide a more comfortable, efficient, and a greater potential for load management. Every job is different, requiring a personalized approach from Air Repair. They will inspect and get each customer’s approval for factors such as whether the unit is Eco Friendly, its noise is controlled , energy efficiency, availability of water, building aesthetics, ceiling heights, NYC code, available space, building architecture, scheduled maintenance, and more.

Air Repair’s technicians are also skilled in installing geothermal systems. And, since a Heat Pump is simply a mechanical compression cycle refrigeration system that can be switched to provide either cooling or heating, Air Conditioning Installation in Brooklyn, or another city in the NYC Tri-State area, is a part of their repertoire.