My Boss is in a Lot of Trouble

Of course my boss is the boss here because of the ring on his finger. This place is one of many things that his wife’s family owns. She comes from a long line of rich people. However they do not like any of their money going to pay for thousands and thousands of dollars worth of las vegas blonde escorts. It took them some time to figure out what had happened, but the boss went to Las Vegas for a trade show and it seems that he remembered a lot of his bad habits while he was there. If he had just done it the one time I suspect that he would have gotten away with it. However he seems to have found one that had a lot of cocaine and the two of them took that company credit card on a really wild ride. He tried to claim that he spent all of the money trying to woo a really big client, which would have been easier if you had landed a really big client.

The thing does not really bother me too much, it is not likely that I would get the big job here. However like most other people I never really liked the man and I would likely get to replace whoever does get promoted. There are two guys who are in line and they have been doing all of the real work for as long as I have been here. The boss plays golf on two or three days a week and he plays tennis on a lot of days. Some days he goes off to lunch and never comes back, most of the time he never tells us where he is. The bottom line is that no one here is going to miss him if he is gone.